Sports Night

Oughtibridge GALA

Family races

You don't need to sign-up for your race, just listen out for the announcement and head for the start line.

Warm-up starts at 6:15. Don't miss it!

Children's events start at 6.30 pm.

Oughtibridge Gala Rosettes will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in all races.



Please note - If you want to join in with a race, you MUST be wearing appropriate footwear - eg, trainers or plimsolls, and sensible clothing. If the Stewards feel that you are unsuitably dressed you will not be allowed to take part for your own and other's safety.


On your marks...

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Races on the Night

Pre-School Boys Running Race (20m)

Pre-School Girls Running Race (20m)

Pre-School Boys Beanbag Race (20m)

Pre-School Girls Beanbag Race (20m)


Reception Boys Running Race (20m)

Reception Girls Running Race (20m)

Reception Boys Beanbag Race (20m)

Reception Girls Beanbag Race (20m)


Y1 Boys Running Race (30m)

Y1 Girls Running Race (30m)

Y1 Boys Beanbag Race (30m)

Y1 Girls Beanbag Race (30m)


Y2 Boys Running Race (30m)

Y2 Girls Running Race (30m)

Y2 Boys Beanbag Race (30m)

Y2 Girls Beanbag Race (30m)


Y3 Boys Running Race (40m)

Y3 Girls Running Race (40m)

Y3 Boys Obstacle Race (30m)

Y3 Girls Obstacle Race (30m)


Y4 Boys Running Race (40m)

Y4 Girls Running Race (40m)

Y4 Boys Obstacle Race (30m)

Y4 Girls Obstacle Race (30m) 


Y5 Boys Running Race (60m)

Y5 Girls Running Race (60m)

Y5 Boys Obstacle Race (30m)

Y5 Girls Obstacle Race (30m) 


Y6 Boys Running Race (60m)

Y6 Girls Running Race (60m)

Y6 Boys Obstacle Race (30m)

Y6 Girls Obstacle Race (30m) 


Dads Egg & Spoon Race (60m)

Mums Egg & Spoon Race (60m) 


Y5 & Y6 Boys Marathon (1 Park Circuit)

Y5 & Y6 Girls Marathon (1 Park Circuit)