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Apply for a donation from Oughtibridge Gala

Every year, the Oughtibridge Gala and Donations Charity help local groups, activities or services with small donations to support village life. 

The donations are made through any profits the Gala and Sports Night earn. Everything made at the gala goes straight back into the village.


If you are a group, activity or service and would like to apply for a donation from Oughtibridge Gala and Donations Charity; please fill in the form to the below, giving as much information about how the money will be spent, and how it will benefit the residents of Oughtibridge. 

If you have failed to provide us with evidence of spending from previous donations, we will not consider your application for a donation.

Thank you,

Oughtibridge Gala Committee

Terms and Conditions

By applying for a donation from Oughtibridge Gala Events and Donations Charity you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions: 

  • Any monies received will be sent for the purpose specified on the application

  • The money will be used for charitable purposes according to the law of England and Wales.  

  • If you are successful you will be required to sign that you have read and agree to these terms again before receipt of your donation

  • You, as the applicant, will submit, or organise some to submit on your behalf, evidence of spending of donated monies to Oughtibridge Gala Events and Donations Group. 

Failure to do so will invalidate any future application for  donations or support. 

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