Frequently Asked Questions

When does the gala take place?

Oughtibridge Gala day takes place on the last Saturday in June. Oughtibridge Sports Night takes place on the Wednesday in the week before. Our Next Gala day is on the 11th of September 2021 and our Sports Night in 2022.

Where does the gala take place?

Both Oughtibridge Sports Night and Oughtibridge Gala take Place in Coronation Park, Station Lane, Oughtibridge.  The entrance to the park is opposite the entrance to Waterside Gardens housing estate. 

How much are tickets to the Gala?

Ticket Prices are as follows

  • Adults £2.00

  • O.A.P. £1.00

  • Children £0.50

The Sports night is free to attend as are the children's/Family Events. Participants for the Tom Holmes Gala Chase are required to pay a fee to enter. Details can be found HERE

I would like to have a stall at the gala?

Information on how to hire a stall can be found HERE

I have a list of ideas on how to make the gala better

We would love to put on more attractions for our village and ways of raising more money for charitable donations for local groups, however we are
stretched to capacity now.
At present we are a small group of volunteers, the majority of which have full-time jobs, that meet once a month from October in a local pub to arrange the following years gala for the village.
Oughtibridge Gala now needs your help to carry on this traditional family event, either as a micro volunteer on
the day or as a committee member. It's only once a month, in a local pub and you get to decide how the gala works and put on this great village event.

I would like to advertise at the gala.

Information on how to advertise at our events can be found HERE

How can I apply for a donation from the Gala Charity?

Details about our donations and how to apply can be found HERE

What time does the gala start?

The parade departs at 12:30 pm arriving at the park for the gala's official opening at 1:00 pm

Are toilets available at the event gala?

Yes! Onsite facilities are available!